1. JobSite Pulse

JobSite Pulse
JobSite Pulse
  • Core Job Insights
    • Business, Financial, and Executive Summaries for senior leaders.
    • Actionable operational dashboard to control projects.
  • Access to Critical Action Center for quick identification and addressing of problems
    💰 Budget Risk Alert
    • Triggers when actual cost exceeds 150% of budgeted cost per unit
    • Identifies potential budget overruns before they escalate
    🚧 Labor Productivity Risk Alert
    • Raised when manhour progress exceeds 20% but productivity factor is low
    • Reveals issues impacting project timelines and costs

    🔍 Field Errors Alert
    • Triggered by 20%+ gap between cost and quantity progress
    • Flags potential data discrepancies for investigation

    📈 Forecast Gap Analysis
    • Compares Estimate at Completion (EAC) to target HJ rate
    • Highlights 25%+ gaps for further scrutiny

    ❓ Investigate Alert
    • For 3%+ budget overspend with zero quantity progress
    • Prompts deeper analysis of code issues
Most Favorite
Most Favorite

2. Project Command Center

Project Command Center
Project Command Center
  • All features of Product: JobSite Pulse
  • Advanced insights into daily headcount and manhours (MHs)
  • Costcode MHs summary
  • Labor productivity analysis
  • Pay class MHs summary and details
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