Strategic data management.
Straightforward subscription.

Our expert data and analytics team will host and manage everything for you at a fraction of the cost of building your own internal team
Data Platform Setup.



Deploy lakehouse, connect data sources

one-time cost, includes one data source

$10K, one-time integration cost per each additional data source (HCSS,SAMSARA,CAT,QUICKBOOKS,SAGE,ERP, CRM, HRIS, etc.)
  • Consolidates disparate data sources (any type - structured, raw, etc.)

  • Automatically refreshes to keep data current

  • Integrates acquisitions at the data layer, eliminating the delay of systems integration

  • Initial data platform setup typically complete within 2 wks)



Managed Data Service
Optional Capacity

Your fractional BI Team

For tight deadlines and urgent projects



per week

per month

Monthly subscription includes management of up to 2 data sources. Additional sources managed at $1,500/mo each
  • Month-to-month, no commitment

  • First report typically delivered within 15-30 days of platform setup

  • Weekly sprint meetings with your fractional data team

  • Up to 30 hrs/mo of data modeling and Power BI dashboard development

  • Ongoing lakehouse optimization and data pipeline maintenance

  • Cybersecurity and disaster recovery

  • Quarterly CDO strategy consulting

  • Scalable cloud architecture

  • Fully optional, available if you need it

  • Leverage our bench of data architects and visualization engineers to accelerate development as needed

  • Rapid-turnaround data models and Power BI reports