No data team? No Problem.

ZentroQ Data engineers and BI experts are your fractional data and analytics team.


  • Struggling to become data-driven?
  • Having trouble finding and retaining data talent?
  • Tasked with implementing a data management solution?
  • Trying to piece together disparate data sources for the "full picture"?
  • Still relying on time-consuming, manual Excel reporting?

You don't have to staff an internal analytics department to improve your data capabilities.

Your Fractional Analytics Dream Team

For less than the cost of one full-time employee, ZENTROQ's data engineers and BI experts become your dedicated analytics squad. We consolidate your data sources and launch your platform in under two weeks.

End-to-End Data Solution

Our Managed Data Service streamlines your data strategy from backend architecture to frontend Power BI dashboards. Gain a unified analytics nerve center without the hiring headaches.

Extend Your Capabilities

With monthly CDO advisory sessions and weekly sync-ups with our fractional team, we fill any gaps in your data capacity or skillsets. Supercharge your analytics without busting your budget.

Getting started is easy...

End-to-End Data Management & Analytics

Why Choose Managed Data Services?

We transform your data into a valuable asset for increasing revenue, decreasing risk and improving operational efficiency

Managed Data Service provides:

  • Hosted solution

  • Rapid setup

  • Scalability

  • Flexibility

  • Dedicated data experts

  • Foundation for natural language querying and generative AI analytics

Zentroq is dedicated to empowering heavy construction leaders with real-time data visibility, enabling proactive, unified insights, and decisions. Our intuitive Critical Action Center and Insights Catalog centralize metrics across functions, improving risk management, oversight, and cross-team alignment, ultimately transforming complex projects into on-budget, on-time outcomes. We progress through purpose-built simplicity.

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