Guide to Setting Up Cost Codes in HeavyJob Web

Proper cost code setup is crucial for effective job costing and cost tracking on heavy construction projects. This guide walks project managers through the process of adding new cost codes to jobs in HeavyJob Web, either manually or by importing from Excel. Follow these steps to get your cost codes implemented correctly from the start, allowing you to precisely categorize expenses, monitor budgets, and maintain tighter control over project financials.


3/19/20241 min read

One important feature of HeavyJob Web ( is the ability to set up cost codes, which are used to categorize and track different types of expenses related to a project.

Setting up cost codes in HeavyJob Web can be done in two ways: manually or by importing from an Excel file.

Manual Setup:

  1. Log in to the HeavyJob Web application at

  2. Navigate to the "Setup" section, then go to "Jobs" and "Job List."

  3. Find the specific job or project you want to set up cost codes for, and click the "Details" button.

  4. On the Job Details page, click the "Cost Codes" tab.

  5. Click the "Add Cost Code" button.

  6. Enter a unique code and, optionally, a description, quantity, and unit of measure for the cost code.

  7. Click "Finish" or "Next" to complete the setup or proceed to additional settings.

Importing from Excel:

  1. Follow steps 1-4 from the manual setup process.

  2. Click the "Import Cost Codes" button.

  3. Select an Excel file containing the cost code information you want to import.

  4. Choose any additional options, such as an accounting system template or how to handle duplicate cost codes.

  5. Map the columns in your Excel file to the corresponding fields in HeavyJob Web.

  6. Preview the first few rows to ensure the data is being imported correctly.

  7. Click "Import" to complete the process.

Once cost codes are set up, they can be used to track and categorize expenses within the HeavyJob Web application for that specific job or project. This helps with budgeting, invoicing, and overall cost management throughout the project lifecycle.

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